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Baseball Completed Leagues

 2022 Wilshire Warriors Age Key   

5U Shetland:  Date of Birth 9/1/16 thru 8/31/17

6U Shetland:  Date of Birth 9/1/15 thru 8/31/16

7U Pinto:  Date of Birth 9/1/14 thru 8/31/15

8U Pinto:  Date of Birth 9/1/13 thru 8/31/14 

9U Mustang:  Date of Birth 9/01/12 thru 8/31/13

10U Mustang:  Date of Birth 9/1/11 thru 8/31/012

11U/12U Bronco:  Date of Birth 9/01/09 thru 8/31/11


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